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Scholl Express Pedi hard skin remover leaves the pores and skin feeling gentle and sleek from your very first use. This unit is especially developed to allow the specialist removal of hard pores and skin in the toes, proper in ease and comfort of one’s very own house.

Scholl Express Pedi

The epidermis within the feet was produced to endure the daily pressure of taking walks and standing upright. Sometimes ongoing stress or rubbing from bad fitting shoes or boots could lead to tough skin to develop. Foot treatment for healthy feet is important; after all, they’re with you for the lifetime.

Beautifully and ergonomically designed, the Scholl Express Pedi special roller surface area will make it effortless to successfully eradicate unattractive and sometimes not comfortable genuinely challenging skin properly. Small microgranuals inlayed in on the Scholl Express Pedi roller, carefully buff away challenging skin, with out resorting to blades.

To gain your own professional-style home pedicure, simply rollover the required area with medium to light force motions; just replicate regularly for smooth and comfortable sensation toes. In addition, the Scholl Express Pedi is safeguarded by the use of a two yr warranty, and included are 2x AA batteries and that means you may get to work taking away dead dead skin cells immediately.

For stunning, silky-soft skin have a look at the Scholl Express Pedi to revitalise your toes. The revolving head will get rid of irritating, dry skin from toes quickly, because of mineral micro-grains inlayed inside the head of the product. The Scholl Express Pedi is totally safe to use. There are no sharp edges or blades and it arrives complete with a safety stop button.

The Scholl Express Pedi is an complete professional skin treatment tool. It’s so easy to use, leads to no pain and assists you receive the desired results of the excellent pedicure. For hygeine purposes, antimicrobial therapy will kill germs present on the roller head.

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